20 Good Things in 2020

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Kate Haws

20 Good Things in 2020

Written by
Kate Haws

20 Good Things in 2020

Written by
Kate Haws

1. We celebrated 20 years of Lloyd Architects as you know it! We feel grateful to be part of Salt Lake City’s community and are looking forward to many more.

2. Really, it’s all about people and we added some new team members: In January, we welcomed Chad.

3. Then Baylee in the beginning of July.

4. And then Barbara in early August. Three great additions to our team, with unique perspectives and skill sets!

5. Diane received her Masters degree and came back full time. 

6. We finished 11 projects (including the Powder Mountain Cabin, Daybreak Boathouse, and the Utah Lake home). We do a lot of residential work for private clients and enjoy the intimacy of those projects, but we also love to do projects that the community can enjoy, like Daybreak Boathouse.

7. Sofie the summer intern. In a COVID-weary world, Sofie burst into our summer like a ray of sunshine. Her passion for architecture and determination to make the world a better place was infectious. Want some instant happiness? Here’s a link to her Tedx Talk.

8. Connecting with other architects. It raises our game.  Zoom has opened up new possibilities and we continue to meet other architects through Custom Residential Architects Network, and we also worked in collaboration with Tokyo firm Schemata Architects on the Powder Mountain project.

9. Okay, we are Zoom weary, but it has allowed us flexibility with whom we get to learn from and work with. Thanks to Anna and her expertise working remotely from Oregon for the past several years, we were able to make the switch to working remotely from our own homes here in Utah very quickly when the pandemic struck.

10. With home becoming the center of the universe, there has been a big uptick in interest to create multipurpose homes and live-work spaces. Check out our own home projects on Instagram.

11. New projects in Huntsville, Park City, Starr Valley, Nevada, and sites along the Provo River have allowed us to get outdoors and enjoy this beautiful earth.

12. Despite the initial slow down after the pandemic started in March, Salt Lake has continued with redevelopment. Construction on the evo Granary Campus just started a couple of weeks ago.

13. And we’re happy to continue working on the preservation of the David Keith Building in the heart of downtown. We have a soft spot for preservation projects.

14. We hosted some lunchtime learning events with a couple of local builders, Brandon Leroy from Jackson & Leroy, and Brig Wilcox from Edge Builders. We look forward to meeting with more in 2021! Sometimes it’s good to just listen and learn, which leads us to:

15. Our Salt Lake Design Week event with local business owners. This was a great opportunity to lean in and listen closely to the personal stories of restaurant owners and others trying to navigate the craziness and unpredictability of a COVID world. It was so inspiring to see how these clients are rethinking and reinventing, surviving and even thriving this year. Click here to watch the full event. Password: 8HuVJQ^x

16. In August we had a quick office retreat to Powder Mountain, featuring a  tour with Won, our project manager for the recently completed cabin there,  and a lovely outdoor (and COVID-safe) dinner at the Sky Lodge on top of Powder Mountain.

17. After five years, we’re closing in on the finishing details for a Wyndham property in Moab, our largest project to date.

18. In June we did Strengths Training as a team. It was fun to learn where we shine individually and as a firm (we’re pretty good at making things happen, building relationships, thinking strategically—and apparently not so good as influencers!). We also held a Zoom trivia party for our 20th anniversary featuring fun and very random office facts. Can you guess which team member used to work as an elf photographer for the Christmas mall Santa? (First person to reply to this email with the correct answer gets a $50 gift card to Red Iguana!)

19. A new website coming soon–be on the lookout!

20. YOU, and you’re still reading this! Wherever you are, we wish you the best in 2021 and hope to see you soon.

Love and peace, The Lloyd Architects Team